Live From A Place of Awareness


When individuals are aware of how their communication and behavior influences other people, it enables relational well-being. But how do you make this happen?

It starts by understanding what drives our behavior. When individuals invest in the process to understand themselves, they transform not only themselves, but their relationships.

This shift in awareness takes courage, but it leads to improvement in collaboration, connection, and communication.

Only then can we build healthy, sustainable relationships with others and within families, systems and organizations.



Naomi Schwenke, PhD  |  Consultant and Coach for Relational Well-being


Leadership and Organizational Consultant

The intersection of human behavior and systems theory is my area of expertise, inspiring me to work alongside individuals in supporting the growth and sustainability of their relationships by helping them build awareness.

To enable relational well-being, I partner with individuals to improve communication and interactions through intentional assessments, conflicting coaching, mediation, and positive feedback. Interested in learning more?


How Do I Approach Relational Well-being?




Relational well-being is directly influenced by how well people are able to manage their emotional reactions. Effective change must start with a deep understanding of human development and the stories we tell ourselves along the way, which is my area of expertise.



I am invested in enabling your relational well-being. I will listen to your story and ask good questions to better understand you and your goals, helping me strategize how to fully support you in the growth of your relationships.



Nothing about your relationships are ordinary. It takes intentional practice to make changes. We’ll work together to find solutions to help you reach your goals, vision and priorities.

Naomi Schwenke, PhD  |  Consultant and Coach for Relational Well-being

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